These craps cash strategies work out for your win so use them

image of craps cash strategies

One can expect casinos to hold the advantage in the games, but some games actually offer worse odds for you. Such is the case with craps where the house may be up by as much as 14%. What can a player do then? Read on for some craps cash strategies that can actually work for you.

Know that some bets are better than others, such as the Pass Line and Taking the Odds. I would not recommend the Field or Hard Way bets as they offer the highest advantage for the house, and no player wants that. Therefore, learn and be comfortable with the good bets and optimize their use.

Study the "Three Point Molly" and maximize its advantage. This tactic exploits a shooter on a hot and winning streak by picking three numbers that will always work out to your benefit.

Go mathematical and use what you learned in school for the regressive and pressing strategy. This allows you to ride on your earnings after you have already gotten back your initial outlay.

Mathematics is still key in this next of the craps cash strategies, this time utilizing the classic regression. This tactic aims for a profit with just one hit by exploiting the mathematical truth in craps that there are a total of ten different combination that make up a six and an eight, while there are only six combos that will give you a seven.

If you can profit from a single hit, you can certainly do so with two hits and this is the objective of the "68 Play." This particular tip requires you to wait for the second throw after a point has been made and involves making a Pass Line or Don't Pass Line bet.

Finally, you can also try to triumph using the "Anything but Seven" approach means you pick any number but seven. This requires that you wait until a point has been made before betting. The logic behind this is that, on the average, the dice have to be thrown four to six times before getting a seven.

Try these cash craps strategies and see them work for you.