Review For Tres Amigos Slots Machine

If you fancy a simple game to brush away those boring slot playing sessions during the gloomy winter evenings, give Tres Amigos slots a try. It's the simple three-reel online slot for Playtech, based on three sombrero-wearing Mexican friends. When the title first came out, there was a brief hope that it might be based on The Three Amigos - the classic comedy movie featuring Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short - but those hopes were quickly dashed. Either way, this is a three-reel, single machine, so players know where they are right from the get-go. There are a range of Mexican symbols that wouldn't look out of place on the walls of a Mexican restaurant, including chilies, guitars, cocktails, cacti, tacos, and our three Mexican friends.

In the Tres Amigos slots, the chili acts like a cherry does on most regular three-reel games, granting you a win for landing one, two, or three on the single payline. There is very little that players can change on this game, and like other similar offerings, the only possible alteration is the level of betting. By using the plus and minus symbols on the bottom left hand corner, users can adjust the basic bet from $0.01 to $5.00, and then they can use the 'Bet One' button to select the level of bets. This will effectively double the basic bet so that the maximum becomes $10. Two bet levels is equivalent to two payout levels, so that the prize for landing the Tres Amigos is either 1200x or 2500x the original stake.

Overall, the Tres Amigos slots machine is a simple affair, which is perfect for some people. Three reels with a single payline is the epitome of simplicity. If you keep the sound on, you'll find that the game offers some great Mexican music and sound effects, and the entire machine is very colorful too, with nice graphics and an easy to use concept. Be sure to check out Tropez Casino if you want to try out this title. It's fun and the possibility for big rewards is prevalent.