VIP Customer Appreciation Points

Many online casinos offer tempting upfront offers to get new players to join up and they are well worth taking advantage of. However, such casino rewards programs only operate the first time a player subscribes and plays. In fact, at some online casinos, these offers are often of poorer value than the sort of cash that is paid to retain existing Canadian players. As with many supermarket and other retail schemes, this type of benefit is known as a loyalty scheme.

For regular players in particular, it really is worth shopping around online for the best possible deal. Regarding sign up deals, the following lists a few of the best terms currently on offer at various casinos. Bet 365 is offering a sign up bonus of 100% on wagers of up to $500 while BET Victor is offering 100% on wagers up to $250., on the other hand, will go all the way with its 100% offer to an impressive $1400. All these offers can be viewed online at each casino's website.

The central idea behind casino rewards programs such as loyalty schemes is to provide a reward for continuing to play at that particular casino. As a general rule with these schemes, the more someone plays and increasingly receives generous bonuses, then the more they will be rewarded and the happier they will be. Sometimes, these are known as comps (as in complimentary), and are awarded as points while playing. They go into the player's casino account and can be changed into cash.

Deals such as those that are found with the lucrative Tropez Casino rewards program will simply ramp up the proportionate scale of the free cash the more that someone plays. Another loyalty idea is the points store, where the idea is to exchange points for goods such as electronic equipment instead of taking cash. In the case of playing slot machines online, loyalty offers might also be delivered in the form of free plays on the machine. In the competitive world of online gaming, casinos will readily go the extra distance to keep their customers satisfied.