Exciting and Fun Live Blackjack Games

Live blackjack games can be very exciting, and they are a favorite amongst many gamblers. This is true for novice players and seasoned players alike; there's something about the title that continues to draw people in. Playing it online can certainly be a lot of fun, especially for those who don't have access to a physical casino or don't have the time to travel to one. Those who have never tried it will quickly discover that there are two different types available to play online. The rules of the live title are still the same, but the specifics are a little bit different.

Classic Seven-Seat and Single Draw

The first is the classic seven-seat blackjack, which features seven seats. Players will choose an available seat and join the game with other players. This type works exactly the same as traditional 21 at a physical casino. Each player takes their turn and plays their hand, choosing whether to stay or receive a "hit." The object, of course, is to attempt to get 21 or as close to 21 without "busting," or going over 21. The single draw variation moves a little more quickly. A single hand is dealt and all players are able to play at once. The rules are still the same; players will choose to stay or receive a hit. Some additional cards may be dealt for individuals who choose alternative methods like split or double-down. Most online blackjack games pay 3:2.

The Rules

One great thing about live blackjack games is that players have a little more control in whether they win or not, especially in comparison with other casino games like roulette or baccarat. Players have the option of determining whether they should go for the hit or simply stay and play it safe. Men and women who haven't played a lot should take the time to learn the rules, especially the rules for moves like splitting aces, re-splitting or doubling-down. This is true for each casino, as each one may have different rules. Tropez Live Casino is a great choice for playing this casino classic in a realistic setting.