Common Video Poker Strategies

Video poker strategies are highly popular because accomplished Canadian gamblers are capable of playing with an advantage over the house.

In order to be playing with that precious advantage that result in a return of over 100%, there is a lot of consideration that has to go into the game. Being able to recognize and take advantage of profitable situations is as significant an aspect of video poker as the match itself.

The first thing to do when looking for an advantageous situation is to choose a game to play. There are very few games that allow for returns of over 100%, and it is important to know these few games inside and out, including strategy and the mundane ins and outs of its rules. Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, and Double Double Bonus are some examples of areas for potential high returns. They are not the only three, however they are the most common three. When choosing a machine, it is also important to pay close attention to the pay table and ensure that the machine in question offers a full pay table (the best available). This is crucial to maintaining a positive return.

Whenever possible - meaning whenever it's affordable - it is crucial to wager five coins for each round on the machine. Often, casinos offer a very large bonus for receiving a royal flush with a five-coin wager to encourage individuals to make these large wagers. This royal flush bonus is a significant aspect of maintaining an above 100% return, which on its own is a good reason to be using five coins whenever possible.

As if finding a machine isn't difficult enough, the gambler still needs to know their video poker strategies perfectly in order to yield the highest possible payout. After all, actually playing the game is an important aspect of winning it. The combination of these four things - a full pay table, a potential return of over 100%, five coins per hand, and intelligent strategy - is often enough to create a scenario with an almost guaranteed profit on each game of poker that eventually adds up to a respectable profit.