Enjoying Live Dealer Games in Online Casinos

While there is much to be said for online gambling and gambling in live venues, up until recently, there has been a huge gap in technology that has separated the two. These days, though, the addition of live dealer games has helped to bridge that gap and truly bring Vegas style gambling into thousands of Canadian homes. Anyone who is caught between the excitement of a real casino and the convenience of its online counterpart is sure to find these options exciting and everything they have been waiting for!

There are many different live dealer games from which players can choose, and these range from roulette to blackjack and from baccarat to various types of poker. The dealer is presented to the player via a video feed, sort of like streaming a movie, but all of the action is happening in real time. Of course, this means that the speed of the user's internet will have a huge effect on the quality of the video feed, so faster connections are always preferred. Not only does the dealer or croupier appear on the video feed, but there is also a digitalized version of the roulette wheel or card table on the screen so that the player can have a better view. It is possible to interact with the house in this manner, though a chat window is preferred over a microphone and speakers by many venues.

Tropez Live Casino is one of the best choices out there for Canadians. It offers up plenty of different options when it comes to blackjack, roulette and baccarat; it is important to remember, though, that these are not available as free options. They are only available when the user chooses to play for real money. Though there are many websites offering the technology, Tropez takes it a step further with innovative camera angles and true-to-life card tables exactly like the ones that are used in Vegas, Atlantic City and other gambling venues around the world. There is no better place to experience the excitement, so players are encouraged to take advantage of a bonus offer and start playing today!