Playing Live Dealer Roulette Games for Real Money

While online gambling has come a long way in the last 20 years thanks to new and more innovative technologies, recent advances have led to one of the most realistic ways to enjoy this popular pastime - the live dealer. Rather than seeing a digitalized version of cards, dice, and wheels, gamblers can see and interact with an actual dealer or croupier. Live dealer roulette games are some of the most popular out there, and they are being offered in more establishments than ever before.

There are a few differences in the standard digital version and live dealer roulette games. In the standard option, all of the outcomes are decided by a piece of software that is known as a random number generator. The ball spinning around on the virtual wheel is just for show; the outcome is decided as soon as you click "Spin". What's more, because everything is handled by a computer and no one but you is placing wagers, these rounds progress incredibly rapidly. Now, the live version differs in that the ball and the wheel are necessary. Luck and the laws of physics ultimately determine the outcomes. What's more, there are usually several people in a room at any given time, and since the croupier must allow time for everyone to place their bets, it takes a bit longer to get through each round.

Another significant difference involves the ability to play for free. When an establishment provides the digital games, they are able to offer some of them without cost since they do not have to be concerned with floor space or any of the traditional expenses. However, in the case of live dealer roulette games, the owners of the gambling venue must pay someone to act as the croupier, they must pay for the equipment to provide the video feed, and they sometimes have to pay for additional bandwidth to deliver that video feed to you. As such, they will not make these titles available for free play. An exception to this rule does exist, though. If you can find an establishment that will offer you a no deposit bonus, you can use these funds to access live roulette unless the terms and conditions specifically forbid it.

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