Enjoy the Cinemas with Movie Themed Scratch Cards

If you're a lover of films and Broadway plays, then you'll really get a kick out of all of the movie themed scratch cards that are showing up in online casinos all across Canada. Some are quite exciting, others are just plain hilarious, and still others feature scenes that look as if they were taken directly from the big screen. No matter which one you prefer, you'll have an excellent chance to win big with only a minimal investment with these virtual tickets. If you've ever purchased a scratchy lottery ticket from a convenience store and used a coin to remove the metallic panels, then you know all you need to know about the internet version of this classic pastime.

Perhaps the best and most popular of all of the movie themed scratch cards is the one based on 'Spamalot', a play that was based off of a classic movie known as Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Whether your mother was a hamster or your father smelt of elderberries, none of that makes any difference in this internet-based ticket. On the card are all of the members of the cast inside of the Holy Grail, which was said to be a golden chalice - or, at least that is how it was depicted in the film. Users simply mouse over the panels to reveal the prizes behind them, though the Lady of the Lake is by far the most interesting symbol you'll see. If you get enough of these, the picturesque 'Hand' will come out and tear off her clothing to leave her bare (censored, of course) and red-faced.

There are some other options out there, too, that are based on different types of films that everyone is sure to love. One of the absolute best places in the world to try your hand (no pun intended) at these exciting movie themed scratch cards is Tropez Casino. There are a few that you can try for free, but you'll need to make a deposit if you want to try to win a real cash prize. Of course, they'll give you an awesome incentive to do so by matching your deposit by as much as $200!