A Live Punto Banco Game is Fast-Paced and Fun

A live Punto Banco game can be incredibly exciting, which is why so many people enjoy playing it online. The game is played on an oval table with fourteen seats with three dealers. However, in some smaller casinos the game may be played on a smaller table (think Blackjack) with just one dealer. Very like baccarat in game play and rules, players attempt to beat the dealer by getting a score as close to nine as possible.

Playing the Game

In a nutshell, the player and the dealer are playing against each other to see who can get a hand score closest to 9; hence the name Punto (player) and Banco (the bank). The cards that are traditionally counted as being worth 10 points (face cards) are worth nothing in this game. Aces are one point and the number cards are worth their number value. For example, a five is worth 5 points. While it seems pretty intuitive, there's a small twist in the counting of this game. Once the cards are counted, any score that hits double digits will then have 10 subtracted from it. For instance, a 9 and a 7 is a score of 16, so the player would subtract 10 to equal 6.

Additional Rules

There are some additional rules after the player has received 2 cards. If the value of the hand is between 0 and 5, the player must take a third card. If the value of the card is 6 or 7, the player must keep the hand. If the value of the hand is an 8 or a 9, it is considered a "natural" hand and the player keeps it. There are additional rules for the bank as well. If the value of the banker's hand is between 0 and 3, they must take a third card. If the value is 4 and the player has a value of 2 to 7, the banker will take another card. If the banker's hand value is 5 and the player has a score of 4 to 7, the bank must take another card. If the banker's score is 6 and the player's score is 6 or 7, the banker must take a third card (if the player has 3 cards). With a score of 7, the banker stands and if the score is 8 or 9, both the player and banker stand. The game, once the player has gotten the hang of it, is incredibly exciting and fun. Tropez Live Casino is a fantastic place to play a live Punto Banco game for beginners and seasoned gamblers.